Virtual accounting

The Internet gives you plenty of practical solutions to make your life and work easier. In many cases you do not even have to leave your own apartment to make money and manage your own business.
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Car in the company

The entrepreneur can in several ways calculate the cost of buying and using a car in the company.
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Expenditure on behalf of contractors and cost of revenue

In order to make expenditure on behalf of contractors cost-effective, they must have a close connection with their business. In addition, they should be properly documented.
Expenditures on behalf of contractors are often excluded from the company's costs due to qualifying them for representation costs.
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Fixed assets, intangible assets, amortization

According to the provisions of the PIT Act, fixed assets may be:
1. Buildings,
2. buildings and premises which are a separate property,
3. machinery, equipment, means of transport and other objects,
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Why Poland is worth investing?

Are you looking for good place to do business? Choose Poland. Why? There are at least 10 reasons why Poland is a great location for your venture.
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How can I choose which accountant is the best for my company?

One of the more omnipresent aspects of running your own business is the need for monitoring and accounting for the financial results of your company. That's why choosing your accountant right is such an important thing to do.
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Establishing and registering an entity

The first step in incorporation an entity is to choose the appropriate legal form. The limited liability company or public limited company are probably the most attractive form for foreign investors conducting business in Poland.
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Legal forms of business in Poland

Poland is a promising country for investment. More and more foreign entrepreneurs do businesses in Poland.
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Limited liability company

This Private Limited company is the most popular company in Poland. Its structure has many advantages, but unfortunately it has too many disadvantages.
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Registration for insurance

Registration for insurance in both ZUS and KRUS takes place in two steps. KRUS insurances may only be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs who are considered as „farmers”.
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Stocktaking - inventory at the end of the year

Companies are obliged to draw up an inventory at the end of the year.
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Searching of companies

The Polish Ministry of Justice provides an online search option to look for existing companies in the National Register.
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Cash payments limited to 15k PLN

Changes in regulations about cash payments for enterprises will take effect on January 1st 2017. They put a limit on the amount of deductible costs paid in cash up to 15k PLN. This will happen through the amendment in current regulatory framework.
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Suspension of operations in Poland

Running your own business involves risk erode liquidity. The effects work the entrepreneur may be in a period of low income.
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