Polish accountant
Opening and leading a company is a big challenge for someone, who has not had a broad experience in this area. Especially, it is difficult, when you decide to open a company abroad. Leading a company is integrally connected with many additional duties, for example running all accounting records, what can be hard for someone, who have never deal with it. However, you can find help with this cumbersome obligation. In the market, there are many accounting companies, which can provide you accounting and tax servicesadjusted to needs of each client.


In Poland, there are some main types of taxes – the most substantial are Corporate Tax and Personal Income Tax. The first one is the value that is paid from company’s profits, while the second one is paid usually by company’s partners or sole traders. Both of them have the value equals 19%.
When it comes to company’s accounting an important term is audit.
Companies have tosubmit accounts not less frequently than once per year with the Company Registration Court and the Tax Authorities. This must be done within six months of the financial year end. An Audit will not be required unless the business satisfies specificcriteria – Public Limited Companies must have an audit; other businesses may need to have an audit, but it is not obligatory for every firm. Another type of tax that is really common in Poland is VAT – it concerns supplying of goods/services. This polish tax usually equals 23% and it is good to know that VAT rules are complex and should be discussed with a tax advisor before opening a business.
Businessman should be also aware of capital gains tax. The rate of tax is 18% with operators relief potentially reducing the effective rate of tax on qualifying gains to 10%.


There are many advantages of delegation accountingduties to the accounting office. In view of the fact thatopening a company abroad is harder than in home country, what is connected with language and law differencies, great pros seems to be the fact, that the employers of accounting office are typically native inhabitants and language and law issues,national and international, are not problems for them.
Sometimes, accountant working in accounting office are targeted on specific group, for example, on polish citizens.
If you are an owner of a company and you delegate acccounting tasks to accounting office, you will have continuous access to documentation, so you will be able to control the progress of work all the time. It can be possible thanks to applications and programs helping the transfer and processing of documents for the comfort of clients which substantially facilitates the ease of communication and improves quality service. This rich software could be a serious revolution for your company and frequently can be significant for business development. What more, specialists in accouncy will give you answers for your questions and useful advices. Accountants operate many firms regardless to the business area. Their aim is providing high level of services and making a modern standard in the personal consulting branch.
In accounting office specialists in accouncy will give you answers for your questions and useful advices.


The scope of services given by accounting office is very wide. The services are aimed at individual clients, who don’t have broad experience in running new business, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, as well as individuals, who need to settle tax issues. The actions, in which you can expect accounting office’s help, started fromhelp with firm incorporation and registration for specific types of taxes to leading your company’s accounting. Moreover, they can help you in HR management, especially in the area of wages. Reports and analysis of your budget will be another useful information and they will be able to contribute to excavation of your business’ activity significantly. Accounting office are also structures providing services connected with tax consultancy and credit control.
Companies can expect accounts’ management and calculating anual returns, while individuals will be supported with tax calculating and making self-assessment tax returns.
Complimentary, non-binding consultation to any businessman or individual who would like to discuss their accounting and taxation needs, as well as providing an individual analysis of a new company’s circumstances are also interesting propositions for future clients. The consultation can be led in client’s maternal language, in Polish too. Important seems to be also the fact that, accounting offices make expertises and support their clients to ensure compliance and to be sure that filing and payingwillbe done on time. Bagrupp However, usage of accounting office services will require from the company’s owner some important information about a company. The most obvious are business account statements or credit cards statements, as well as invoices and business expenses.


As it was said before, employers of accounting offices are real experts in this branch. Usually, people, who work there, gain great possibilities to improve their skills and choose the right career paths. That’s why, there are many working offers in these firms – they are continuously searching for new talents.
Moreover, joining internal accounting department targeted on Polish clients will give youopportunities to develop your experience connected with Polish Accountancy regulations.
What more, joining employers’ teamwill give you a chance to participate in processes of automation.


However, joining acounting office employers’ team requires to compliance some conditions.Mostly, working in accounting company abroad providing services in Polish demands fluent speakingin Polish language, as well as in national language of a country, where this company is led. The knowledge of the other ones will be also an advantage. Moreover, future accountant should have a university degree in accountancy or economics, what certify his/her knowledge in this area. A crucial pros will be also the experience in working on similar position, especially connected with familiarity with fixed assets, CIT and VAT regulations, as well as generally Polish accounting regulations.The knowledge of software used in accounting office, starting from MS Office, through SAP, up to Oracle will be a plus in comparing to other candidates.
The ones, who belong to ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountantshave a bigger chance for getting a job.
A candidate, who would like to work in accounting office, shouldfeature in having soft skills. Someone, who would like to apply for this job need to be self-motivated, regarding his/her job as a passionand open-minded in communication with other people. Moreover, this person should have analytical way of thinking and the skill of problems’ solving. What else, he/she must be enthusiastic, when it comes to travelling or learning new things. Bagrupp


Now, you know, what is required to apply for accountant position. Let’s move to tasks, for which you will be responsible. Being an polish accountant will be connected with running the accouncy of accounting office clients, among which the most important are preparing daily, monthly and annual reports, responding on clients requiers and tax calculating. You will alsopresent accounting information to key clients, as well as perform closing activities on fixed assets, inventories and accounts payable including analytical review to ensure high closing quality. What more, you’ll be responsible for harmonization and automation of closing processes, launching technical solutions. Another task, that will be important on accountant’s position is providing guidelines and training to cooperating accountants including work instructions and participating in continuous improvement processes according to company strategy.

Other duties, for which you will be responsible are collected below:
  1. Audit supporting.
  2. Participating in international conferences.
  3. Creating ad-hoc reports and analysis.
  4. Invoices calculating.
  5. Cash and credit management.
  6. Calculating, posting and reconciling leased assets, fixed asset and accounting activities.
  7. Issue investigation and resolution from technical and accounting point.
  8. Recommendation and implementation of process improvements ideas.


As you see, working in accounting office requires from accountant many skills and the shape of his/her tasks is quite wide. However, working as accountant brings many benefits. Firstly, it is very interesting, well paid job with broad opportunities to improve your own skills by means of trainings and courses. It offers flexible working hours, as well as social, sports and meal vouchers. What else, the company helps in improving speaking in foreign language. Apart from this, the accountant is a part of great working team and has a chance to make a network.




Accountant working in accounting office are significant helpers for newly formed company and for these, which exist in the market many years. Incredible commercial knowledge of expert accountants and account managers and extraordinary client service ensure that leading a business abroad, seems to be easy and give a chance to grow nationally as well as internationally if that’s your goal.