The privacy policy
General provisions
1. The user have read the privacy policy and have accept its content in case of purchase or use the services provided by BA Gruppen.
2. BA Gruppen reserves the right to change the content of the Privacy Policy. However, these changes can not undermine the main principle, which says, that BA Gruppen does not sell or make available to third parties personal data and addresses of customers belonging to BA Gruppen.
3. BA Gruppen website users, clients and customers must respect the Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Personal data
4. Using the services belonging to BA Gruppen, user may be asked to provide certain personal details, for example, by the contact form.
5. Personal data referred to in the paragraph 4.are mainly the user's name and his email address.
6. In case of filling out forms concerning to specific contracts, user will be asked to provide full personal data.
7. Personal data referred to in paragraphs 4-6 are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and for the provision of services. Insufficient information about personal data from the customer will make impossible the execution of the services ordered.

Ordering services
8. In order to request the service offered by BA Gruppen via the website, necessary for the implementation of the selected service contact details should be entered into the appropriate field.
9. Data reported by the user will be used only to implement the requested service, subject to point 10.

The unexpected news
10. BA Gruppen reserves the right tooccasionally send messages to people, who have agreed to the Privacy Policy and whose data BA Gruppenhas.