Accounting Warsaw
Accounting issues in the company gives many people sleepless nights. It is a very time-consuming activity, due to the necessity of constant analysis of changing rules of law and standing in queues in many offices.
However, there is another option. Handing over accounting data into the hands of an accounting office will allow you to get rid of this unpleasant duty when performing it at the highest level.
Bagrupp BA Gruppen is a company that provides accounting, tax and human resources services for small companies situated in the country and individuals conducting such activities. There are many companies with a similar profile on the market, but we are distinguished by a personalized and professional analysis of the situation and high efficiency. Over the last few years we have focused on significant development of experts in the field of accounting, as well as human resources of each company that is our client. Our main focus is on territorial administrative issues and compliance with applicable laws, so the companies we deal with can devote themselves to their operational goals. Our company is focused on the convenience and well-being of our clients, therefore we consider the quality of our services to be a very important point, which allows us to significantly save time and funds and get rid of one of the causes of stress.

The trust connected with considerable effectiveness makes it possible to maintain a long cooperation based on human resources, accounting and tax, legal financial markets, corporate secretarial services, private equity and real estate investments.
Our services are provided in the city of Warsaw.


Our main goal is a cooperation with our clients at every moment of business development, from its creation to its expansion. In addition to providing accounting, tax and HR services, we want to give our clients some advice on making important business decisions. We also offer assistance in special cases depending on the requirements of our Clients.
An important part of our work is ensuring that companies using our services can focus only on their company's goals without having to worry about accounting issues.
Our knowledge of the subject combined with our many years of existence on the market allows us to provide our customers with very effective and high quality services. For our company, the key elements are dedication of time, attention to the affairs of our clients and respect for classical values and experiences. Their guarantee is only possible with constant monitoring of changing realities and legal regulations. Therefore, we believe that our most effective advertisement is, primarily, the recommendations of our long-term satisfied customers.


The addressees of our services are ordinary people conducting their business activity as well as partnerships and capital companies regardless of the size and degree of development of the company.
Our company offers services, which are provided in a comprehensive manner, including multifaceted facilitation of the company's operations, as well as a sector of activity strictly indicated by the Client.
Our offer includes complete or ad hoc accounting services. Our employees are experts in their field and their knowledge has been acquired through work for international consulting corporations. This allows for professionalism and high efficiency in adapting to the needs and requirements of our clients. Bagrupp We also offer specialized services in accounting and human resources management. Our company guarantees you reliability and confidentiality. You can count on us for the calculation of salaries and taxes, as well as for keeping records of your employees, with confidentiality and security of information flow.

The team of specialists of our company offers services concerning:
  1. Calculation of salaries including all employee benefits and deductions regardless of the form of employment.
  2. Creation of analyses and returns necessary to be presented in Social Insurance Institution and Central Statistical Office.
  3. Receiving and leaving administration (including registration and deregistration from the Social Insurance Institution, creation of certificates for employees).
  4. Taking over the supervision of employee documentation – among other things, in terms of monitoring the validity of medical examinations, necessary courses and training, use of vacation leave and other activities where strict documentation is required.
Bagrupp Many years of experience and a database of partners allows us to create the most advantageous proposal for increasing profitability and optimizing the company's activity.


If you are interested in developing your accounting knowledge, Warsaw offers a wide range of educational opportunities.

Accounting courses

Every person who is staying in Warsaw, regardless of nationality, can easily take advantage of accounting courses, as they are conducted not only in Polish but also in English. Each of these courses consists of similar elements and belongs to them:
  1. Getting to know the accounting system
    During this block, students have the opportunity to become acquainted with business accounting, as well as to learn detailed information about the accounts (their construction, classification, division and the plan), sample balance sheets and basic definitions and rules of accounting.
  2. Revenue and expenses
    The main element of this issue is the definition and classification of costs and revenues. Moreover, it is extremely important to be able to draw up a profit and loss account, as well as to become familiar with the general rules of determining income.
  3. Becoming familiar with the concepts related to accounting and financial reporting
    The course participants are presented with the definitions of assets, liabilities and their classification, as well as the general balance sheet and rules necessary for the valuation of assets, liabilities and equity.
  4. Analysis of the Accounting Act
    Familiarization with the basic concepts of the accounting system, accounting policy, books of accounts and information on the details of the financial statements, as well as their audits and publications.
  5. Inventories
    During this block, students will become familiar with the concept of inventory, its classification and scope. In addition, they learn about their initial valuation, then the valuation rules as at the balance sheet date, and receive information about inventory impairment and reversal.
  6. Liabilities and receivables
    Familiarization with the definition of liabilities and receivables and their scope, as well as the rules of initial valuation, valuation carried out as at the balance sheet date.
  7. On physical capital
    Familiarization with the concept, classification and scope of tangible fixed assets and preparation of their initial valuation and valuation for the accounting period, as well as revaluation. To familiarize students with the concept of depreciation and how it is determined using the linear or accelerated method is used, as well as the natural depreciation method. To gain knowledge of the impairment of tangible fixed assets.
  8. Intangible fixed assets
    This block will be devoted to intangible assets, more specifically their definition, classification and meaning. In addition, methods of initial valuation and valuation created during the settlement period will be presented, as well as determination of amortization using the straight-line method.
  9. Investing
    Presentation of basic information about investments and possibilities of their valuation. Presentation of legal regulations concerning accounting in Poland, including the Accounting Act, Ordinance of the Minister of Finance in the field of recognition, valuation, possibilities of disclosure and presentation of mechanisms governing the world of finance to the students.
  10. Terminology related to deferrals, accruals and provisions
    Explanation of the notions of discontinued funds - costs and revenues, as well as accrued expenses and provisions and current and deferred income tax.
  11. Settlement of financial receipts and expenses
    Discussion of the structure of the cash flow statement as well as operational investment and financial activities. Review of the change in financial resources and their equivalents.
  12. Familiarizing with additional issues in the field of creating financial statements
    The whole block consists of fifteen meetings, during which the above mentioned issues are discussed. People, who are interested in taking part in the course are required to know basic accounting terminology.
Upon completion of the course, the student will gain knowledge in the field of business accounting, including the preparation of financial statements, the creation of revenue and expense ledgers. Moreover, he will be able to boast the knowledge of the notion of assets and liabilities and preparation of settlement valuations. The knowledge of depreciation, its methods and information on investments and inventories will also be very useful.


In addition to the courses, you can also start your adventure in Warsaw with accounting and finance studies. Below, you will find a summary of information about the conditions of admission to the universities.

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences
Subject: Finance, International Investments and Accounting

This is a course of study that focuses primarily on the mathematical aspects of the subject. Students of this course will become familiar with financial mechanisms, as well as, capital market instruments all over the world. In addition, it is important to gain knowledge of managing innovative capital mechanisms of companies, as well as, information related to managing the risk of changes in the value of currencies. Moreover, optimization, corporate budgets and investments in foreign assets are considered in the international aspect. Graduates of this course will have the ability to create modern statements of company values on the market and financial summaries in accordance with applicable regulations. Moreover, they will be able to boast high references concerning the latest analytical methods, instruments and knowledge of international finance markets, their management, banking and insurance. Bagrupp
In addition, the student can take advantage of the Erasmus+ program, and also, be able to communicate with foreigners, because about 50% of students are not Polish citizens. Besides, there is a chance to join a student organization, which will enable even greater development, as well as, making friendships.
During the studies, in addition to the gained knowledge, students will be able to significantly develop their analysis skills, such as: changes in the economic market or the opportunities and risks present in the financial world. Additionally, emphasis is also placed on development in terms of group work, as well as, performing tasks independently. An important goal of education is also to stimulate creativity, flexibility and openness to knowledge, which is also connected with continuous further education and improvement of one's professional qualifications, as well as, to develop students' sense of responsibility and honesty in relation to their work.
Completing a bachelor's degree enables the students to continue their path towards a master's degree in economics, accounting or social sciences at many universities in Poland and worldwide.
Graduates of this course will find jobs as economists and related positions such as analysts, traders or accountants in many sectors of the economy on a national and international level. The gained knowledge will enable them to join teams of employees in banks, insurance companies, national administration bodies, research and educational institutes as well as in their own companies.
  1. The slogan 'Banking' and from that 2 dashes (tree form):
    • Strategist,
    • AML Analyst (Anti-Money-Laudering).
  2. The slogan 'Finances' and from that dash:
    • Analyst:
      • Investment,
      • Risks,
      • Financial;
    • Auditor:
      • Finance business partner,
      • Trade Specialist;
    • The password: 'Consultation':
      • Financial Consultant,
      • Tax Specialist,
      • Specialist transaction consultant.

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management
Subject: Finance, Accounting and Insurance

The studies in Finance, Accounting and Insurance are first degree studies, ending with a bachelor degree. The knowledge transferred to students corresponds to national and international standards in the functioning of financial markets and accounting. The information gained during the course of the studies allows for active participation in financial activities in a rational way in the times of computerization, integration and globalization. Participation in current business practices is only possible through an adequate understanding of financial flows and an awareness of safeguards against possible turbulence in the capital markets.
During the course of study, students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of finance, accounting, insurance, law and economics, which will allow them to combine different solutions for monitoring expenses and skillful financial risk management. These skills will allow the graduate to take up employment as an employee or manager with an interdisciplinary view of current standards.
The direction of education is consistent with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and comparable with the standards of European and American universities. In addition, the educational results are in line with those required by employers looking for employees in the positions of auditors and accountants.
A graduate of the faculty of Finance, Accounting and Insurance will have extensive knowledge in the field of capital and budget management, as well as legal and economic activities. Moreover, the student will be able to develop in the field of independent problem solving, as well as, effective work in a team. A great advantage will be the knowledge of spreadsheet operation, bookkeeping management and programs useful in office work. Moreover, the graduate will be prepared to run his own business due to his knowledge of legal regulations and proper financial documentation. An important aspect will also be the improvement of foreign language skills to B2 level according to the provisions of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as, specialist vocabulary. Graduates are prepared to start the next stage of studies - Master's studies and postgraduate studies.

Kozminski University
Subject: Finance and Accounting

The studies in Finance and Accounting are in line with EQUAL's recommendations, taking the integration of theory and practice as one of the main objectives. The curriculum of the studies is rich in theoretical classes, during which students gain substantive knowledge and practical activities carried out at the University. A great role is also played by student internships, carried out in companies outside the University, during which students can learn how to use knowledge in practice. The studies end with a bachelor's degree, after which students can continue their studies at the Master's degree.
The Master's studies last four semesters, and the hourly dimension of classes is greater than that contained in the Standards of Education for Finance and Accounting. The course of the classes includes basic, major and specialist courses. Upon completion of the education, the student obtains the title of Master of Science.

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)
Subject: Finance and Accounting (Master's degree)

The Finance and Accounting Department of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGHH) is a second-cycle study program leading to an ACCA diploma and a master's degree. The student has the opportunity to learn a broad knowledge of corporate finance management, in particular the principles of making decisions on the basis of the obtained capital statements and use the acquired knowledge in professional work. Bagrupp Students pursuing this course of study gain broad knowledge of social sciences, which enables them to understand the processes taking place in the economy, as well as, related theories and research methods. Moreover, the graduate will be able to be called an expert in the field of accounting while running a business. He also has significant knowledge in the interpretation of legal regulations, e.g. in the field of taxation, which is necessary when starting your own business. Students are also provided with information on the principles of accounting and management of financial tools. An important skill will also be the knowledge of the process of capital planning and the ways of its implementation, as well as, the assessment of the effects of the risk taken within the framework of companies' activities. The knowledge gained will enable the student to make reliable financial analyses on the basis of which he will be able to formulate conclusions and recommendations. Bagrupp The program of studies conducted at the Warsaw School of Economics has as one of its main objectives the use of substantive knowledge in practice, which involves a significant extension of students' professional experience. Therefore, the program includes practical classes conducted by specialists outside the walls of the university and an obligatory internship lasting three months. Apart from that, half of ECTS credits necessary to obtain the whole studies are realized within the practical classes.
As the University cooperates with EY Poland, graduates of the faculty, in addition to obtaining a master's degree, also obtain an internationally respected certificate of professional qualifications ACCA.