We will help you with:
- choosing the best form of taxation
- maintaining necessary documentation related to the tax framework
- preparing obligatory tax statements

Advanced accounting (for joint companies)

We will help you with:
- establishing the company's accounting policy
- preparing the income statements and balance sheet
- preparing mandatory finance and accounting reports
- preparing tax declarations
- calculating advanced tax payments
- maintaining registers of VAT settlement

Simplified bookkeeping (REL)

We will help you with:
- keeping Revenue and Expense Ledger in accordance with the law regulations
- maintaining equipment registry
- maintaining fixed assets registry
- maintaining intangible assets registry
- preparing social security registrations and settlements.

HR & Payroll

We will help you with:
- maintaining employees’ register in a comprehensive way
- preparing contracts and termination agreements for employees
- preparing employment certificates and other documents for employees
- controlling social security (ZUS) contributions
- supervising working hours, holiday leaves, sick leaves and maternity leaves
- controlling the expiration dates of medical check-ups and health and safety trainings
- drawing up payrolls and social security payments
- preparing documents and corresponding with ZUS
- preparing personal income tax statements

International outsourcing

We will help you with:
- data input for any type of online accounting software
- preparation of custom-made financial and tax reports
- performing of simple tasks on behalf of the Customer
- management of financial documentation for reporting purposes (eg. in Xero, QuickBooks, Visma or any other)
- outsourcing of customized business processes (BPO)
- accounting services assistance for Customer's Clients